FBI Agent Jeremy Jones investigates a string of kidnapping/murder/suicides while at the same time, experiencing a series of strange visions that seem to somehow be related to the case. Still a rookie, Jones and his more seasoned partner, Bailey Phillips, race against time to catch the killer, amid building pressure from their boss, the frenzied media and a frightened community.
Meanwhile, Phillips expresses growing concern about Jones and his visions - is he loosing it or is he really onto something? The grisly murders all occur in the upstairs bedrooms of an old abandoned Victorian home in Payson, Arizona, just outside Phoenix. The pair struggles to determine the who, what, why and how of the bloody incidents, since none of the victims in each case know each other.
The visions Jones experiences involve some of the victims even before he reaches the crime scene - but how can that be? He also envisions a young boy and a middle-aged man both greatly disturbed and calling out for help. Did these visions all begin with a visit to a sweat lodge with his father when he was a teenager? If so, why have they returned at this critical time?
And will it take a flaky psychic to crack this case wide open?